Oops !


Oops. I guess I let my life get a little too distracting huh? I haven’t been blogging lately, mainly because I am moving across the country in less then a month and I’m still not entirely all planned out! Or maybe its for other reasons that I can’t specifically say. I can say that it will continue to be a little blah on here until about another month or so when I am settled and back to having my ” Me time! ” Hang in there viewers… I will be back, and I’ll even bring stories and secrets too.


Truth be told 

You can’t be happy until you start the elimination process . That means taking and removing everything in your life that is bringing you down without thinking twice about it . If something / someone makes you unhappy or is holding you back from being happy there is not a single reason why you should keep it , or if it’s a person then he / she around . 

You need to put yourself above anybody and everybody because YOU are the one who will always be there for yourself . It’s better to trust yourself and make your own happiness so whether or not things happen in life and people leave you can still be happy because you managed to keep your happiness and yourself Indepedent from everything else . 

You shouldn’t be worrying about what somebody is going to think , if you want something or would like to do something or wear something , you do it ! You don’t let anybody tell you otherwise because in the end it’s only going to be in the back of your mind , in the bucket of regrets you have been piling away because you let others decide for you . 

Be your own person , be happy with who you are and what you do .