What are you thankful for?

Thanksgiving Tumblr

Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it! To those who don’t, Happy Thursday!

Take a moment today, to pull yourself aside and be alone. Think about everything you have to be grateful for, and the people in your life that you are happy to have a part of your life. It’s important to acknowledge our loved ones, not just on the holidays but everyday. So today, on the day of giving thanks, don’t forget to thank the ones who make your life worth living. The ones who make your life special in unique ways. The ones who are there for you and appreciate having you in their life as well.

That is all I am going to say about this holiday. Not many people celebrate it and that is okay, but for the ones that do I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving. All others, Have a beautiful Thursday, remember to smile today!


Find Your Color.


RUT  : a habit or pattern of behavior that has become dull and unproductive but is hard to change . Syn  : dead end, boring routine , humdrum existence. 


There comes a point in life, a point where you realize you aren’t happy. A point where you realize, you just don’t know what to do and how to fix your feeling of “unhappy”…

For some people, this point in life can be very brief and last only about a month. For others, that are not so fortunate, they are stuck in this thing we refer to as a “Rut” which means it usually last several months or longer.

So here I am going try my hardest to give advice to those who need to hear it, which if you are one of those people… you know, in a “Rut” well you’ll know it if this advice hits you where it is intended to.


For one, what is the reason for your current Rut? Find an establishment. Do you know what and/or whom was the cause of this Rut?

Once you have figured out where exactly this all started, I think you need to put some things into perspective. Now whether your reason is a person, or an event that took place, ask yourself… Am I the only one effected? If its a person, are they as unhappy as you are now? If not, that right there is your reason to get through this. Why should you be the only one upset? Why should you be the only one whose head feels like a volcano eagerly waiting to erupt from an overdose of sad thoughts from the past? Who is winning here? Definitely not you. Look at you. You’re a freakin’ hot mess. Why? Because of somebody who clearly isn’t as torn up about it as you are. Because of somebody who obviously doesn’t matter to your life because regardless of your state of mind, they are doing just fine. NOW IF the cause of your Rut is more of an event. Perhaps you are grieving the loss of someone close to you, or you lost a job that meant a lot to you, etc. You DEFINITELY need to pick yourself up by the belt loops and get back on your happy boat.  I can promise you, and I mean promise you because I’ve been here before… that if it is one of those things you just absolutely can not go back in time and change it so that it didn’t happen, you should not spend more then a month dwelling on this situation. It is in no way fair to your mind or body that you drown in your own loss. Everybody loses something. Sometimes things happen and we just don’t have any control over it. Sometimes we have a tad bit of control but the little control we do have still doesn’t put us where we would like to be. For example, if you lost somebody, due to an accident, or an illness etc. Do you think that person would want to see you weeping everyday? No they wouldn’t. Don’t you think they will only hurt more,the more you hurt? Our loved ones want to see us doing well. They want to see us succeeding and happy. Not sad and depressed and especially not because of them .

Moving on . After you have figured out the reason for all of this and you have told yourself once again, that you need to move forward and find your happiness. Lets focus on actually doing so now. What makes you happy? Is it a hobby? Is it a specific person or people? Is it more intangible things like accomplishing goals, or helping other people with their problems? Once you have figured out what one thing that makes you happy is, that’s where you aim your focus. Although you can not become happy overnight, you can focus on the little things that make you temporarily happy until you can eventually become a happy whole again, which as expected takes time. If helping other people makes you happy, continue to do so! Don’t stop doing those things. BUT In the meantime, put yourself in perspective as “somebody else” and talk to yourself. Give yourself the advice you’d want and need to hear from somebody seeking out to you for help. If you have to be aggressive, be that. If you need to be soft on yourself, make sure you still get through to yourself. Nobody can change the way you do things. Nobody can stop you from being down, but you. Others can try but it all falls back on you, and your mindset. You have to want to be happy as much as others want you to be. You have to crave that smile that hurts your cheeks and that laughter that ties your stomach up in knots tighter then birthday balloons. If you don’t set that level of want within, you are more likely to give up when things go wrong. If a hobby makes you happy, say painting or hunting ( for me , its writing. . . clearly ) DO THAT THING , and do it again and again. The more you fill your free time with things you enjoy doing, the more “namaste” feeling you will feel inside. Switch it up sometimes. Paint with friends, paint at your local Pottery place in town. Invite friends on a hunting trip, or go somewhere totally new and hunt! Do things with what you have already that make you happy. Expanding your happiness is the goal here after all. If you focus more on the positive things and let go of the negative things you are bound to become a more positive person. You are bound to step out of your Rut in due time. Maybe it’s not doing something, maybe it’s a person. Maybe a person makes you happy. Does this person know? If they don’t, now is a better time then ever to tell them they have that effect on you. What if they’re unaware you rely on them for happiness and they to are in a Rut and you just aren’t aware of it? What if you telling them they make you happy is exactly what takes them away from their Rut because now they feel important and want to focus on making you happy. You honestly never know what somebody else is going through so just give it a shot. If someone else is the reason that makes you happy, and you guys are hundreds of miles apart, change that. Move closer. You only have one life why should you be tied down to one part of town in a state far away from somebody who brings happiness to your life? Whatever is standing in the way of your happiness, remove it. If its dwelling over a past, remove all things from your past. You can’t be happy until you eliminate your problem. Eliminate all things negative, and start focusing on the positive things life has to offer. What good is it to be stuck in a Rut? We all know you don’t want to be there. Believe it or not there is people all around you who don’t want to see you hurting and would kill if you told them your feelings and why you weren’t happy. There is tons of people who would love to bring joy to your mind and heart. You just have to let them.

What I am trying to say here is this and only this. Everybody deserves to be happy. Nobody deserves to be in a Rut, yet everybody goes through things in life, it should not change the type of person you are permanently. Get back on your feet. Only you can pick yourself up right now, tell yourself you want this as much as others want it for you and go find your happiness and when you have it, hold onto it tighter then you would the safety bar on the pirate ship. Happiness is a very special thing and without it, our minds are deprived of all color. Get out and stop being Gray . Find your color and then go paint rainbows with it when you do.

You got this.


What would the perfect life for you be like?

If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be?

Would it be a change in your appearance? A change in your responsibilities?

Let’s face it, nobody is completely happy with everything in their life. Some people hate the person they married but are too scared of divorce to do anything about it, others hate their jobs but need the money to keep a roof over their heads.

Just imagine if you had the power to change something in your life, whether it be a relationship or bond you have with somebody, or something more life changing like traveling across the country and starting a new life away from “home.”

What’s stopping you? From making the change. . Is it money? Is it fear? Is it the opinion of others? Sometimes it’s important to remember that you are one man for yourself. You have to wake up in your own body every day and you have to continue on your way to your miserable job or to pretend to be happy with somebody you aren’t. So why are you waiting to do something about it? Don’t wait. Start now. Make the change you have been waiting for. If the rock in your way is money, start small. Pick up another job. Sell some of your stuff. Start focusing on making extra cash in your free time or using less of your “busy” time on other things and devoting more time towards your goals. If it’s not money and it’s the relationship you are in, then stop fearing what is going to happen if you say something and take control. Tell them how you feel, what’s on your mind and how you wish to see a change. If it doesnt work out and you end up without eachother then it wasn’t meant to be and God has better plans for you. No feeling is forever, So whether you are upset about the situation because you now feel alone, just know the pain is temporary and you will be happy again as long as you let yourself. If you are happy with the situation then great! Just don’t stop working for your goals because now that you have gotten through one obstacle, there will be more, and they will not stop coming you just need to face them in the order they arrive.

Just because you don’t think your situation is changeable, doesn’t mean it isn’t. You can change anything in your life because the best part is that its yours. Meaning you have the control and you have the power to feel any type of way you would like and be anywhere you want to be. If you choose to be happy, then be happy! Screw those who don’t like seeing you shine and shine harder on them!

Be the change you want to see. Make the move and be HAPPY with your life, because life is too short to not be happy.

Snow Bunnies


What’s something you hear about a lot ?

 ” Short people problems “

” Thin people problems “

” Shopaholic problems “

Here’s what I find to be Common “White Girl Problems” , for many of us ( yes including myself )

#1 PiNtEReSt oVeRbOaRd

Here’s a big one , especially for me .

If there is any where I refer to for absolutely anything in this world at any given time or place  , It’s Pinterest.

My kitchen looks like I was the founder of mason jars and label guns. From Coffee to Cocoa & Toothpicks to Chip Clips .

My bathroom with the bedroom curtains being used as a shower curtain on a separate shower rod then the shower liner . . for the elegant look. . you know , in a bathroom .

My Bedroom with the typical Christmas mini lights around the mirror

Last but not least my living room with the mason jar on the entertainment center filled with little pieces of paper folded in half each one with 1 out of 50 reasons why I love Jerome. Labeled ” 50 Reasons Why I Love You . ” ( yes made with my convenient labeler )


#2 Do You Take Debit ?

The serious SERIOUS desire to eat an entire box of Girl Scout Cookies the second you step outside your car at Wal-Mart and there’s a colorful beautifully stacked hundred count of cookie boxes made from yours truly , Girl Scouts. ” Hi do you take debit card ” ? . ” No . Sorry . “


#3 Wheres My BEAR ?!!!

Here’s one that relates to the problems I have been running away from for months now . .

I have a weird desire for my fiance to buy me a huge stuffed animal . I tell him its so I can hold it and lay with it when he isn’t home but really it’s because i’m strangely excited about the thought of having a stuffed animal the same exact size as me . He kepts taking me as a joke and telling me i’m a weirdo and calling me crazy.

” Baby , will you buy me the huge bear? They’re on sale right now! “

” You know what else is on sale ? THIS D !! “

And the joking begins and desire for the bear is gone again , farewell until next time.


#4 Elsa or Innocent ?

Alright so just recently ( about two or three weeks ago ) I finally got my hair an acceptable color blonde . Because of the fact that I already have blue eyes , I Now look like the ultimate white girl , just slap on my north face and ugg boots and I’m your lady . The problem with this is when you braid your hair , boom ! you are now Elsa from Frozen and will be reminded all day by every child that sees you .

#ElsaIsThatYou ?

#5 ” Wait , its another sale ! “

I do this , a lot . My poor fiance will be trying to talk to me or get me to do something or even just trying for my attention and after five seconds of watching TV together I’m already on a website adding things to my cart .
” But babe the sale ends in 2 hours and its 10% off shipping !  “

At that moment of word release , I realized I have a serious addiction to online shopping. Whether it costs 2$ or 50$ if I’m online the shopping experience is way more dangerous and harmful to my wallet and / or bank account .



Too short.

tumblr_moxav03iva1r0ii93o1_500Life is too short to take things for granted. Life is too short to get mad at the little things. Life is too short in general.

Today my entire perspective changed as I almost lost someone I love so deeply.

Life is a precious thing. It can be taken from anybody at any time . Even the ones you love.

Stop stressing little problems and appreciate the air you breathe while you’re breathing it.

Hit where it hurts.

I can’t pretend like I know where to start when it comes to talking about this so I’m just going to jump right into it.

If there is one thing I had more then anything it’s the heroine and opioid epidemic going around.

Too many of the people that I love strongly are being effected by it.

Just last year I lost my cousin due to an overdose.

My family has been ripped to shreds and I don’t even see my uncles anymore because of it. All three of my uncles are addicts. I get to see them maybe once every six months, if they aren’t back in jail that is. The biggest reason my biological father didn’t raise me or wasn’t in my life as I was growing up is because of the fact that he’s a hard addict. Every body in my family has been in jail under a drug case. Everybody except me and my sisters.

It really hurts me to know that my loved ones have fallen into this trap. I know how hard it is to stop doing something when you’ve been addicted to doing it for so long. I’ve seen too many people die including my own family members, because of this epidemic.

Some things you grow to learn when dealing with family and friends that are addicts is that you have to be understanding. They didn’t choose to be an addict, nobody does. You become addicted to the way something helps you and the way you feel on it, but you never get into it with the intention of being addicted to it. To need and want it when you wake up and to not be able to get by without it because you won’t feel okay after going without your usual dose of whatever your substance of choice is.

Another thing I learned is not to judge. Because of the simple fact that one does not make the choice to become addicted, you can’t judge them for it happening to them.

Addicts need love and compassion. They need to know you don’t hate them regardless of how disgusted you might be with their addictions.

I can’t stand the thought of losing another family member or someone else that I love and if I ever have to go through that again I don’t think I’ll ever look at drugs the same way.

R.i.p. Danielle LeBlanc. You are missed, we love you. ❤️

November 1985 – April 2015