Human Milk Machine

Little baby hands grasping my finger. Coos. Bubbles. Long days. Restlessness. Dark eyes. Lack of energy. Smiles. Tiny Laughs. Babbling. TOYS. Unfinished schoolwork. I’m a milk machine. Throw up on my socks. And my shoulder. Third onesie in the last hour. Dried out wipes.. how’d I forget to close that… again?! Chewy fingers. Sore gums. Screaming. Teething. Ow. My nipple. Be careful. Another onesie, soiled. … Continue reading Human Milk Machine

One of those “days”

Have you ever been doing something and you suddenly lose interest in the activity? Have you ever woken up in an empty, blank mood that some would consider “On the wrong side of the bed”? If you have depression, odds are you know exactly what I am talking about. If not, you probably have a loved one with these characteristics. Depression is common. Although it … Continue reading One of those “days”

It’s all about staying motivated.

So This is my first blog going into a new category. This is where I will be blogging about my Weight Gaining Journey, because believe it or not there is some of us out here that are different from the rest. Not everything is about weight loss and that’s okay ! Even if people tell you that you’re fine the way you are because you’re … Continue reading It’s all about staying motivated.